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Do you want to use domain names to maximize your online presence and SEO?

Simply send us your business sector and the countries in which you are based. Our consultants will produce a personalized study with domain registration and usage recommendations, and will negotiate the best prices for secondary market premium domains using the network that we have spent over ten years developing.

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Our training

SafeBrands training covers all domain name-related issues from a strategic, legal, marketing and technical standpoint. Topics are covered according to your requirements, and the content of the sessions is developed with you based on target areas of improvement for your teams.


Bespoke training is available for all domain name-related areas.


An annual training package delivered at our offices by SafeBrands professionals.


Sharpen your knowledge with VIP access to SafeBrands webinars and conferences.

SafeBrands specialists of all professions, including lawyers, consultants, account managers, developers and DNS engineers, approach their work with a very specific focus on domain names. They provide bespoke training covering all domain name-related areas, including but not limited to:


  • Creating a company naming charter
  • Choosing a procedure to recover a cybersquatted domain
  • Repurchasing domain names easily and at minimal cost
  • Setting up monitoring and making the best use of your results
  • Closing down a Facebook or Twitter account
  • Detecting trademark infringements on Google and Bing


  • Maximizing the marketing of your domain portfolio
  • Whether or not to buy domains describing your business
  • Optimizing your domain redirections
  • Using access statistics for your defensive domain registrations
  • Making the best use of your domains as part of your referencing strategy


  • DNS system basics and operations
  • Reading and understanding a zone file
  • Transferring a domain securely with no interruption to service
  • Understanding the language of technicians and learning how to share information with them

To cover these topics, SafeBrands offers a training package which includes:

  • Two 3 hr training sessions at your offices
  • Guaranteed access for one year to all of our e-training sessions (webinars)
  • Provision of webinar presentation documents
  • Two private 2-hour video conferences on our training topics
  • Two VIP invitations to the International Domain Name Conference (reserved seats, breakfasts included and a private meeting with two speakers of your choice).