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Search engines

Some companies create keyword ads on search engines using trademarks over which they have no rights, in order to drive traffic to their websites. This poses a dual risk to trademark owners, firstly of the hijacking of their traffic, and secondly the increased cost of their own campaigns. Recent case law states that owners are responsible for monitoring misuse of their own domains.


There are several types of infringement, including imitations of official adverts, target site masking and fraudulent ads.


There are many potential criminals, including infringers, members, competitors, official or unofficial distributors, price comparison websites and domainers.


In order to prevent infringements, companies need to take ownership of the usage of their trademarks in search engine advertising.


    Our tools detect the ads displayed by Google, Bing and Yahoo when web users search your trademarks. A screenshot is taken of each infringement detected. All of the results are compiled in weekly monitoring reports, which are sent to you by e-mail and also recorded on our secure Extranet site. An analysis by one of our team members can also help you to make sense of the raw data, and provides you with targeted information to enable you to achieve your objectives and to develop your trademark protection strategy.


    Web criminals know all the techniques to avoid being found out by trademark owners, such as publishing their ads out-of-hours or geolocation which misses out the town in which the company’s head office is located. SafeBrands’s solution enables you to select the number of tests to be run each day, the time ranges, and even the countries and regions to be tested.


    Our teams can act in many different ways to prevent any infringements of your trademarks, including amicable contact with advertisers, formal notices or legal action vis-à-vis membership platforms and search engines. We also manage anonymity lifting procedures on domain names used by criminals, as well as APP (French Agency for the Protection of Programmes) assessments, and can assist you in your dealings with bailiffs and lawyers in the case of legal proceedings.


    Managing usage of your trademarks in search engine advertising enables you to retrieve potential clients, prevent infringements, control your distribution network and optimize the ROI of your own advertising campaigns.


Web content

Whether you want to track any changes to the content of web pages, references to your trademark by web users or problem infringements on auction sites, SafeBrands has developed a full range of services enabling you to manage these issues effectively.



The internet knows no boundaries. Your trademark can be used by any web user at any time. With blogs, community sites, competitors’ sites and news sites, there are countless opportunities for your trademark to be cited.


If you want to track all changes to the content of web pages linked, for example, to a potentially contentious domain name, this monitoring service fits the bill.


Online counterfeiting is becoming increasingly common, and primarily uses sales channels facilitated by auction websites.

Whois / Web Page Monitoring

SafeBrands has developed a comprehensive service which enables you to monitor registration details for a domain name and/or a website. This service covers technical and administrative domain name changes, and changes to the content or structure of any website which can be accessed from a specific domain name.


Our automated solutions use the exclusive technology developed by SafeBrands R&D, which monitors Whois changes as well as changes to web page content.


Clear and usable results in alert reports either sent by e-mail, or accessed directly from your online account for full tracking of your files.

Whois / Web Page Monitoring Objectives


Domain names are not static : they evolve over time. They may expire or be released onto the secondary market. They may be inactive, or attached to a website or e-mail service. The website may be in use and later disabled, or its content may change. These constant shifts may require targeted monitoring in order to stay informed of particular changes, especially in the case of domains that may infringe upon your trademarks.

A domain name may be monitored for a range of purposes, including :

  • Monitoring a potentially contentious domain name / website.
  • Receiving an alert if a domain name is being used.
  • Acting in the event of infringing content being published.
  • Acting as soon as a domain name is used to send e-mails (phishing).
  • Tracking the domain name’s path through the convoluted secondary market (subsequent buyers, sales prices).
  • Putting together a case prior to initiating recovery proceedings.
  • Being informed of any change that may make a recovery action possible.

A Comprehensive Service