Full range of SSL certificates issued by the major certi- fication authorities, bulk https redirec- tion and HSTS management.

SSL / EV Certificates

Protecting and certifying internet communications is one of the major challenges addressed by SafeBrands with its comprehensive range of SSL and TLS certificates. Our certificates are exclusively provided by the main certification authorities. The comply with the WebTrust standard and their validation processes are three-factor and EV-compliant.

Standard certificate can secure any type of website. Its primary purpose is to ensure the secured and authenticated connexion to your websites. It ensures the confidentiality of information transmitted and exchanged between your visitors and your server, such as access to an online payment system, a mail server or a clients’ area.

A technical shield against phishing, pharming and DNS spoofing. EV certificates benefit from a six-factor validation process. The green bar indicating that an EV cert is installed on a server is an important step in establishing a trust relationship between the internet user and the company’s website. This solution is often deployed to secure e-commerce websites.

UCC certificates are undoubtedly the solution which is the most compatible with Microsoft products. They are recommended for securing Microsoft Exchange mailbox services, IIS7 and the various sub-domains that are usually set up for these architectures.

Wildcard certificates can secure several websites in the *.domain.com format. Our infrastructure team has chosen this technology for several of our security requirements including our shared platform.

SafeBrands uses a pricing grid on a sliding scale according to the type of certificate required


  • from €69 excl. tax per year
  • Ideal securisation for the most websites
  • from 1 to 2 years
  • up to 256-bit
  • X509v3, SSLv3, TLS, chained


  • from €239 excl. tax per year
  • Ideal securisation for e-commerce websites
  • from 1 to 2 years
  • up to 256-bit
  • EV, X509v3, SSLv3, TLS, chained


  • from €257 excl. tax per year
  • Recommended by Microsoft for securing Exchange
  • from 1 to 2 years
  • up to 256-bit
  • X509v3, SSLv3, TLS, Exchange 2007, chained


  • from €358 excl. tax per year
  • Centralised security of your sub-domains
  • from 1 to 2 years
  • up to 256-bit
  • X509v3, SSLv3, TLS, chained

Our catalogue features several authorities, and will help you choose the most suitable solution at the best price


The SSL certificate market is led by several major certification authorities with proven technology and/or a proven reputation.

SafeBrands has selected seven certification authorities to issue our certificates. These authorities comply with the WebTrust standard (audit that guarantees transparent commercial practices, information confidentiality and transaction security) and offer three-factor validation. They are:

Given that they use the same protocols, the technical differences between these companies are minimal. Choosing a certificate should be based on the reputation of the certifying third party (Verisign is the best known), browser compatibility, the amounts covered and also the price.

The validity period also varies by service provider, and is usually 1 to 3 years.

Direct access to our pricing grids by authority and certification type

For direct access to our selection of SSL certificates and to order your product online:

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