Registration of domain name in all extensions world- wide and provision of the local presence required for ccTLD registration.

Accented domains "IDNs"

The Internet is global and so are domain names. An increasing number of TLDs accept accented or non-Latin characters, and there are now TLDs which are themselves in Cyrillic or Chinese characters. SafeBrands can manage your domains in all available characters, and offers translation into various alphabets.


The transformation of internet naming has already begun. Each month, new TLDs are being made available in accented or non-Latin characters.


Trademark protection policies can no longer overlook IDNs, where there are still many new opportunities.


SafeBrands will support you throughout the registration and management of your IDNs for all alphabets and TLDs.


    The use of domain names containing accents or using non-Latin alphabets is being developed all over the world, with China being the world leader in this field. SafeBrands has become the 1st (and currently the only) French registrar to be accredited in China, and the 1st globally to automate the registration of domains in ideograms. We believe that in a few years’ time, domain names using local languages and characters will have become the internet standard.


    Although most companies have now implemented proper protection of their trademarks for the generic TLDs and for the majority of ccTLDs, IDNs are often overlooked. Whether you are registering domains in accented Latin characters or translating them into different alphabets, protection strategies that do not cover IDNs risk exposure to major cybersquatting risks.

    IDNS are relatively recent on the internet naming market, and therefore still offer numerous generic domain name opportunities where all of the traditional gTLDs and ccTLDs are already taken.


    SafeBrands is the first registrar to provide a virtual keyboard enabling you to search Whois records for IDNs. All of our front and back office systems are IDN-compatible, as well as being compatible with extensions in non-Latin alphabets such as the Russian ‘рф’.


    Your domain name cannot simply be translated into Chinese. It must be adapted to Chinese culture and markets. SafeBrands translates your trademarks into ideograms and sets up Chinese domain names for them, with the help of its Chinese corporate partner which specializes in this area. This translation takes into account a variety of factors such as business sector, slogan, corporate culture, logo etc. to ensure maximum impact on the local market.

Secure management Extranet site

One of the determining factors when choosing a domain name registrar is its ability to provide comprehensive, user-friendly and scalable management tools. Following 17 years of upgrades, our Extranet meets all of your front and back office needs. Packed with new features such as the option to add domains managed by other providers, our tool is one of the most accomplished on the market.


An illustrated user guide is included, featuring more than 150 screenshots.


You will always have the choice of whether or not you wish to use our Extranet site. You can also contact your dedicated Account Manager directly for advice.


All program developments are done in-house in order to provide reliable, scalable and flexible solutions.

  • Corporate features


    Our Extranet is available in English and French, and allows you to manage all of the administrative data and technical settings associated with your domains.

    You can place orders, make transfers and renew domain names, view statistics, follow the status of your orders, retrieve and pay invoices, manage your sub-domains, configure your zone files, DNS servers and URL redirections. It is fully automated and available 24/7.


    Multiple account and multiple user management


    For the efficient management of your subsidiaries’ or clients’ portfolios, several user levels are available with no limit to the number of accounts, including accounts for administrators, business units, delegated users and standard users.


    Uncompromising security


    Our Extranet is secured by the highest security level SSL/EV encryption, and each account has its own logins. You can limit access to computers that are part of your network (through an IP address check) and allocate specific rights to each account by deciding, for instance, that your technicians should only have access to technical settings, your accountants to the financial management module, etc.

    Training for all of our tools


    Our Extranet is a genuine online SaaS portfolio management tool. All of our clients receive a complete step-by-step user guide, illustrated with numerous screenshots to demonstrate the tool’s full capacity. The guide is available as a PDF file or as a hard copy for ease of use. Each MailClub Extranet page has an help feature ‒ simply click to open up a window containing tips and explanations for each page. Our teams are available at all times to provide phone support, and we can also organize training sessions at your offices tailored to your needs.

Advanced DNS management/Zone file

Some ‘sensitive’ domain names comprise numerous records and require frequent changes. All SafeBrands packages include the most powerful automatic DNS management tool on the market – ‘DNS Plus’ – free of charge.

Create as many records and sub-domains as you wish at any time.

  • Create as many records and sub-domains as you wish
  • Make unlimited changes to your records.
  • Add several ‘A’ entries for the same sub-domain with a different IP address each time (’round robin’ management).
  • Create (and manage) redirections of your sub-domains to the URL addresses of your choice.

Our all-inclusive domain package

All domain names registered with SafeBrands benefit from the advanced features of our domain package. These features are 5 @yourdomain e-mail addresses (or the option of 50), and redirection to the URL of your choice (or to a ‘site under construction’ homepage).



Our general pricing is available by launching a Whois search or a search on each SafeBrands TLD page. There are several hundred active second-level domain TLDs. SafeBrands can register domain names in all of these active extensions.

Pricing for our other services (monitoring, recovery, technical services, consultancy etc.) are available by contacting one of our consultants by phone (+33(0)4 88 66 22 18) or by e-mail (

Our prices include all costs, covering: the local annual fee, administrative and technical management, URL redirection, e-mail forwarding and the option of configuring the zone file. You can create an unlimited number of sub-domains and records. In many cases they also include the required local representation.

The same price is charged for reserving, transferring or renewing domain names. On average SafeBrands reduces the prices of 30 extensions per year according to reductions in purchase price, the liberalization of extensions, automation of tasks etc.

Specific terms are applied according to the type of client and the size of their portfolio (major accounts, corporate and IP lawyers, resellers, internet agencies etc.) and a gradual reduction of up to 50% is applied to registrations over several years.


Local representation

Certain situations require you to register your domain names in a particular way, such as a country in which you are not established, a confidential project that you wish to keep anonymous or a desire to prevent your Whois data from being stored in numerous marketing databases. SafeBrands can offer you a solution tailored to each of these cases.



SafeBrands can provide you with the local contact details that you need in order to register certain ccTLDs.


Whois databases are a goldmine for spammers. Protect yourself with our ‘private Whois’ service.


Prevent your domain name registrations from giving away projects that you wish to keep confidential.


    Some countries require you to have local representation in order to register domain names using their TLD (e.g. Germany, the Netherlands and France). As we are established in several countries and thanks to the special agreements that we have with our network of partners, SafeBrands is able to provide you with local contact details. We can offer you local representation for nearly all countries and TLDs.


    Given the threats of spammers, scams and indiscretions by rivals, it is now possible to hide your Whois contact data. This option displays only your name and is currently available for .com,. net, .org, .info, .biz and .tv. While you of course remain the owner of your domain, the public Whois database will not display your postal address, telephone number or e-mail address.


    Business intelligence is evolving in the field of domain names. Many companies set up monitoring services which inform them in real time of the domain names registered by their competitors. SafeBrands’s cover name solution allows you to maintain total anonymity in the case of domain names registered for projects that you wish to keep confidential, such as a new trademark, range or product, a change of company name etc.

Access statistics

A well-managed domain portfolio will maximize overall profitability and optimize your return on investment. Beyond the few domains that you publicize and genuinely use for your business, it is crucial to know the real traffic figures generated by your portfolio in order to maximize its potential.


Managing a domain portfolio protects your trademarks, and leveraging your domain portfolio can generate revenue.


Managing a portfolio will also provide you with the option of redirecting all of your domains to your websites.


MailClub’s statistical analysis module is designed exclusively to meet the needs of domain name managers.


    A comprehensive trademark protection strategy involves registering a large number of domain names and incurs significant expenses. There are two simple rules to get the most out of your domains and to assist you in turning an internet naming ‘protection’ strategy into a truly dynamic ‘commercial’ strategy: Firstly ensure that all of your domain names redirect to your active sites, and secondly analyze the real traffic generated by your portfolio.


    All domains registered by SafeBrands have a redirect feature which allows you to forward users to the website of your choice (homepage, ‘country’ page, ‘product’ page etc.). Several types of redirection are available, with a particular focus on boosting search engine optimization.


    MailClub’s exclusive statistical analysis module gives you an overview of the number of visits that each of the domains in your portfolio receives. Get at-a-glance information on which domains get the most hits so that you can make the right marketing decisions. In light of the figures provided, you may also decide to abandon some domains in an effort to reduce the overall cost of your portfolio. A module providing detailed analysis is also available to help you make a comprehensive and specific analysis of each domain.

Processing of your requests and commitments


Our customers have several ways to contact SafeBrands, depending on the type of problem. Here are our commitments:

  • Technical problem on shared or dedicated hosting

Our technical support is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Outside of these hours the website is available and you can reach us on When you register your request, you will be given a ticket number. We undertake to reply within 24 hours to find the best solution to your problems.

If you have subscribed to a 24-hour on-call service, then you will be able to reach a technician by SMS outside working hours. He will call you back within 30 minutes. Please provide your name, phone number, company name and the type of problem you are experiencing.

  • Domain names and information

SafeBrands’ domain name customer service is available between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, our extranet is available at You can also contact us at You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Our key account customers also have a direct line to their account manager.

If you have subscribed to a 24-hour on-call service, you can reach a technician by SMS outside working hours. The technician will call you back within 30 minutes. Please provide your name, phone number, company name and the type of problem you are experiencing.

  • Reporting illegal sites or domain names

Our H24 service monitors the address, and the traffic on our infrastructure to prevent any attack. In case you want to report an illegal name or an illegal site, you can register your request online 24 hours a day on the following links:

Reporting a suspected illegal domain

Reporting suspected illegal content

Your request will then be processed by a human, registered in our ticketing system and a response will be provided within 24 hours.

If there is a problem with the processing of your request, you can contact us and indicate the problem. An internal investigation will then be opened.

For any domain registered under a generic extension (old or new extensions) you can also report any problem by calling and leaving a phone message if necessary at 04 88 66 22 06. Your message will be forwarded for processing by a human. It will also be recorded in our ticketing system and you will receive a response within 24 hours.