Analysis of a brand’s level of online protec- tion and its vulnerability and resistance to cyber- squatting.

Web content auditing and monitoring

Beyond domain names and social media profiles, infringements and uncontrolled mentions can appear on indexed web page content, and therefore be found by internet users searching for information on your brand. To address this issue, SafeBrands has developed specific monitoring able to identify and analyse web pages that contain a monitored term and, as with all our monitoring solutions, implement swift action to stop possible infringements. To address this issue, SafeBrands has developed specific monitoring able to identify and analyse web pages that contain a monitored term and, as with all our monitoring solutions, implement swift action to stop possible infringements.

There are various goals behind setting up surveillance on a domain :

  • Online reputation protection : In what context is my brand mentioned online ?
  • Countering counterfeiters : Are there counterfeits of my products for sale online ?
  • Tackling parasites : Is anyone usurping my identity or using my brand, my logos or my images?


The SafeBrands solution combines the unparalleled indexing capability of search engines with its big data expertise to extract and analyse web page content.


Alert reports sent by email and available online for comprehensive monitoring of your cases, for which you can use our legal analysis services.


    Our systems can identify all web pages containing your searched term(s). They allow to us combine terms in thesaurus searches or automatically exclude web pages containing one or more specific terms.

    Our interface displays technical and administrative data associated with the web page: page description, keywords, title, host and time-stamped screen shots. In order to eliminate potential noise, results can be filtered.

    Results are not duplicated in reports so that identified websites are not re-identified in following periods. Depending on the purpose for monitoring, it is possible to choose how duplicates are identified: identical URL or domain name.

    SafeBrands can create a whitelist of URLs or domain names that will not be picked up by monitoring. It may include, for example, authorized resellers of your products.


    The monitoring solution is built to identify the most relevant results in order to act against infringements on a case-by-case basis. The results are classified according to their reach to highlight web pages with heavy traffic that could cause the most damage.

    The interface allows you to analyse results yourself or to have SafeBrands do so, thanks to its sorting, filtering and classification features. It displays technical and administrative data that detail the degree of infringement. Results can be grouped by network in order to take action against the main perpetrators.


Domain name audit

To complement our monitoring services, our search tools are crucial to the development of your naming strategy and provide you with a comprehensive audit of all global TLDs at any given time.

As the internet is a global space which does not follow the rules of territoriality, our solutions cover all domain name extensions. We cover all domain name TLDs, both the generic TLDs (gTLDs – NewgTLDs) and the various country code TLDs (ccTLDs). Our tools provide you with the status of identical registrations, or those which are similar to or contain your name.


    Using one or several trademark, brand or trade names, SafeBrands will create an inventory of all domain names registered in all TLDs regardless of the owner or registrar.

    We provide you with an Excel table showing the availability status of your chosen domain name in all global TLDs (gTLDs and ccTLDs) which includes links to owner’s contact details for registered domains, and a summary page of the registration rules for unregistered domains.


    We can take an item, for example a trademark name, and search for all domains containing this item (e.g.,, or containing similar content (e.g. Our teams will advise you prior to your search in order to prevent undesirable or irrelevant results.

    This type of search provides you with real time information on all registered domain names that are similar to your chosen term (detecting all terms appearing to the left and/or right of the relevant term), together with all previously registered domains.

    The scope of the search encompasses all global TLDs (generic and country TLDs) and their 3rd level TLDs (e.g., for China), representing more than 800 TLDs in total.

    Pricing is based on the number of domain names identified. The shorter a term or the more potential typos there are, the greater the number of domain names identified will be.

    If you have a subscription to a global content monitoring service, SafeBrands will provide you with a preferential rate for your prior rights searches.


    Typosquatting is based on the probability of accessing an undesirable website by accidentally using a key adjacent to the right letter, missing a letter or adding one. Our tools generate these error types and produce a full availability report of the domains in question, in order to detect any malicious registrations aiming to hijack traffic using your trademarks.

Social media auditing and monitoring

Social media platforms are great opportunities for brands, but they can also be a danger. They must be monitored to protect your online reputation by fighting usurpation and fraud attempts, or to keep you informed of bad buzz about your brand. They must also be monitored to prevent illegal sales of your products, which can sometimes be counterfeits.

SafeBrands has developed social media monitoring to combat this profusion of possible infringements. It covers all a profile’s components. It will report the use of your brand in usernames, profile descriptions, posts and comments.


We combine the unparalleled indexing power of search engines with social media APIs to compile the maximum amount of data, from which our algorithms extract the data relevant to your brand.


Relevant results and key data are clearly displayed and easy to use, with technical and administrative information that classifies infringements for targeted action.


SafeBrands social media monitoring covers the 16 most popular social media networks in the world, both locally and abroad.

The networks monitored in our standard monitoring formula are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Other networks can be added as an option.

A page will be detected as soon as the monitored term is included in its source code, meaning as soon as it is cited either in a post, profile description or comment. This method ensures coverage for all types of infringements.

Any page detected by our search engine algorithms is then analysed by our robots to extract the data relating to the profile holder and the post.

Results can thus be classified according to their reach or popularity, making it possible to identify the most critical infringements.


Regardless of the type of monitoring (online reputation, detection of illegal product sales on social media, etc.), our online management tool makes it possible to identify which infringements are most critical in a few clicks.

You can view the full results, then sort and filter by network, popularity of post author or concerned profile, and even web page content. These elements will help establish the degree of risk and will be taken into account during analyses, to serve as a basis for recommended action.

The SafeBrands platform reduces the number of irrelevant results and “noise” by setting restricted perimeters, such as negative or positive thesauri. For this feature, the use of the brand must necessarily be associated with a defined list of terms. It is also possible to exclude web pages containing certain terms or those on a pre-determined list.