SafeBrands offers a personalized and high-quality service to thousands of clients in its five areas of expertise: comprehensive domain name portfolio management and advisory, internet monitoring, cybersecurity, added value hosting and SSL Certificates.



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Twenty five years later, the Internet has evolved but the calling is still the same: companies need to protect their identities and their brands, to promote their services all around the world, and SafeBrands’ team of IP and IT professionals is here to help.

When SafeBrands was created in 1997, its founders had a prescient belief about what would be later called digital identity: SafeBrands was formed to allow companies big and small to promote their brands and various activities online, to be able to stand out in a world where one’s Internet identity was often diluted into “”.

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Working with Fortune 500 companies and providing its expertise to various technical groups that shape the Internet’s protocols and regulation, SafeBrands believes that whether your brand is known as a Facebook or Instagram page, a Twitter handle or a domain name, does not matter: a brand is an Intellectual Property asset that must be kept safe. This is why many on our staff hold senior law degrees, while others have honed their security expertise in dark places of the Internet.

Because safety needs to be proactive, SafeBrands has built strong ties with 200+ domain name Registries, ICANN staff, Social media providers and Law Enforcement groups. Through them we can fiercely defend your marquee brand all over the world… or keep your key project under wraps until the time is right.

Because safety starts at the top, we have helped several companies secure their own Top Level Domains in 2012 and are still assisting them to make the best of it. We are also constantly monitoring ICANN projects, so that our clients will know when to get ready for the next round, and decide what to do, fully informed.

Through in-house development and judicious partnerships with recognized industry experts, SafeBrands delivers 360-service to brand owners and SMEs. Never shying away from a fight – our lawyers are trained UDRP experts – the company knows that diplomacy and the right information go a long way.

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Our monitoring tool, developed in-house with lawyers and for lawyers was built to detect counterfeiting and infringements whether via domains, web content, or social media mentions. But detecting attacks is only the beginning: as part of our analysis service, our team of lawyers takes care of the threat level evaluation, and suggests the best course of action to remedy serious attempts. You can concentrate on your own business, while ensuring your assets are adequately protected.

Our security service, born form on our 20 years’ experience as a hosting provider and through partnerships with renown experts worldwide, is dedicated to companies for which domains are a virtual extension of their businesses. You can face the current attacks and know your infrastructure will be protected for years to come.

A leader with teams based in Europe, North America and Asia but close to each of its clients, SafeBrands is ideally positioned to protect and promote your digital identity, in whatever shape or form!



Team Internet Group PLC is a London-based AIM-listed company which drives the growth of the global digital economy by developing and managing software platforms allowing businesses globally to buy subscriptions to domain names, used for their own websites and email, as well as for protecting their brands online.

It’s operates globally with customers in almost every country in the world. It earns revenues from the worldwide sales of internet domain names and other services on an annual subscription basis.


SafeBrands is a team of multidisciplinary experts serving the world’s largest companies and law firms: IP lawyers, strategists, DNS specialists, network engineers and R&D developers


Frédéric Guillemaut

Managing Director of SafeBrands

Matthieu Aubert

Head of advisory and strategy

Ludovic Durieux

Chief Operations Officer

Alexandre Anriot

Chief Information Officer