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SafeBrands is equipped with an IP network providing only the highest quality of service. Our work with major operators has also enabled us to offer you the best prices.

These operators themselves use multiple operators, guaranteeing the highest level of security. If one of our partners experiences a network failure, our equipment will automatically switch to an alternative network.

SafeBrands has RIPE operator status with our autonomous system No.: AS 34173.


We have links with several operators (BGP-4 protocol) which themselves use multiple operators. If one of our technical partners experiences a network failure, our equipment will automatically switch to an alternative network.

Our network equipment is installed with redundancy for maximum availability. In some cases, these measures also enable us to limit the impact of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Unrestricted additional bandwidth in the event of a load increase, as the scale of our equipment allows it to adapt to even the highest level of requests.

Finally, in addition to general security infrastructure, each dedicated server has its own firewall to provide efficient and personalized packet filtering.

Cisco Backbone

SafeBrands’s backbone is Full Cisco. The following provides a guarantee of our consistent high-quality approach:

  • Willingness to streamline our network equipment,
  • Our ability to deploy network protocols that are sometimes manufacturer dependent.

For maximum security, our backbone is also equipped with:

  • Intermediary filter ACLs,
  • Loop (STP) management protocols,
  • Relief independent access links (OOBM).
APC equipment

APC is our sole supplier of rack equipment and masterswitches. We aim to use high quality equipment to facilitate hardware activation and ensure that heat is properly dissipated.

The available racks are a standard format (with 19″ modules) and are compatible with long-frame units. Dimensions: 600 mm x 1000 mm (width x depth).

Our Clients

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