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Trademark Clearinghouse

With the dawn of around a thousand new extensions over the coming years, trademark holders are anxious. Should they protect their trademark for all TLDs? How can they guarantee that a third party will not use their name with one of these TLDs? The purpose of the Trademark ClearingHouse is to provide a crucial advance checking and verification system to link all registered trademarks to the new domain names to be released. SafeBrands offers support in this new domain landscape.

SafeBrands Trademark Clearinghouse Service

This service has been designed by SafeBrands to advise you on which strategy to adopt, which trademarks to register, and to help you with the whole process of managing your Trademark Clearinghouse records.

A comprehensive tmch trademark registration service

Let us take care of everything, We will compile a list of your trademarks, validate your records, follow up the registration and provide you with an interface to monitor and manage your applications.

An experienced registrar founded in 1997

As an ICANN-accredited registrar and as an officially approved registrar for dozens of country code TLDs, an elected AFNIC board member and a member of INTA, SafeBrands has been involved in work on the new TLD programme since its inception in 2008 .

Services suited to all organisations

SafeBrands has over 15 years of experience in providing domain name-related services to trademark professionals, both those working for businesses and for law firms. Our SafeBrands TMCH service is adapted to each client’s specific needs. We provide a comprehensive service to validate applications for businesses, as well as managing applications from law firms that do not wish to become TMCH agents.

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