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Why should you get a .CA ?

Launched in 1987, .CA is among the first ccTLD to appears on the Website. The .CA domain extension is dedicated specifically for our Canadian customers. There’s no better way to build your Canadian brand online than with a .CA domain.


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General Avaibility

Public rates

  • New :
    101,40 Euros HT

  • Renew :
    101,40 Euros HT

  • Lenght of reservation :
    1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years

.CA Domain Name Conditions

– Available to major Canadian citizens permanent residents, Canadian registered compagnies, Canadian associations, registered trademark owners in Canada, trade unions, political parties, educational institutions, museums, archives, librairies, hospitals, to the Queen, Indians, goverment.

– For Canadian Trademark holders, the registry will require a match between the trademark and the domain name. If the registration request is not based on a trademark, the domain name may be chosen freely.

– When CIRA “releases” a canceled dot-ca domain name, it becomes available for registration again. To see the list of domain that will be released and which will become available for registration on a particular date, click here :