Launch of .GAY – Our exclusive interview of the registry

LinkedinTwitterFacebookTumblremailPrint In being accredited by the registry of the Top-Level Design, a company based in Portland Oregon, SafeBrands is very… [Lire la suite]

AdultBlock & AdultBlock+ are the new systems for brand protection in “adult” domain names extensions

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.AFRICA : exclusive interview with its CEO Lucky Masilela

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What to expect for ICANN 59?

LinkedinTwitterFacebookTumblremailPrintSafeBrands is attending the ICANN meeting in Johannesburg this week. As part of the… [Lire la suite]

Security and Apps: don’t let domains be your weakest link!

LinkedinTwitterFacebookTumblremailPrintBy registering an obscure name that Samsung used solely as part of a smartphone… [Lire la suite]