Managed servers

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Managed services

Through various facilities management packages, SafeBrands offers a host of crucial services to ensure that your infrastructure is kept in optimum working condition.

Continuous monitoring

We will continuously monitor your platform and intervene if an incident occurs.

Speedy support

You will also receive a service agreement with an average 30 minute wait for support.

Two tailored packages

You can choose between a working hours support package (Silver) and a 24/7 support package (Gold 24hr).

  • Range
  • €150
    per month
  • Support wait time
  • Security updates
  • Server management
  • Network monitoring
  • System monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Backups
  • 150
    per month
  • Within one hour in working hours
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes (traffic, speed etc.)
  • Yes (RAID, CPU, temperature, hard drive etc.)
  • Yes (HTTP, SMTP, MySQL etc.)
  • 20 Gb + disk image
  • 300
    per month
  • Within less than 30 minutes 24/7
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes (traffic, speed etc.)
  • Yes (RAID, CPU, temperature, hard drive etc.)
  • Yes (HTTP, SMTP, MySQL etc.)
  • 40 Gb + disk image

Do you have specific requirements?

Our advisors are available at any time to guide you towards the most suitable solution. They can also offer you personalized configurations to match your needs perfectly.

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24/7 Support

An emergency ? Our Technical Support Team is available 24/7. It is free during French business hours and accessible through a ticket system the rest of the time.