On-Demand Virtual Server (PaaS)

Cloud & virtual services

Our PaaS offer (Platform as a service) allows users such as web application developers or developer team managers to deploy their own applications by using development resources (both languages and tools) which are available in the Cloud. Opt for the simplicity of Cloud deployment for your development projects.

PaaS Cloud by SafeBrands

PaaS packages are aimed at company developer teams. PaaS packages provide access to a software development environment for developers comprising an entire ready to use middleware layer (e.g. PHP, MySQL), based on standardization principles.

Whether you’re building a company website or the next Killer App, our Public Cloud is designed to respond to even the most critical load increases. Our various architecture components work together to provide you with a true virtual Data Center that is directly accessible via a simple web management interface.

See below for further details on our four PaaS dedicated Cloud Computing packages.

PaaS Offer – Configurations of virtual instance

TYPERESOURCES€ excl.tax per month
Start1 VCPU / 2 Go Ram / 25 Go Disk Space25
Premium2 VCPU / 4 Go Ram / 50 Go Disk Space50
Advance4 VCPU / 8 Go Ram / 100 Go Disk Space100
Pro8 VCPU / 16 Go Ram / 500 Go Disk Space200
Pro+12 VCPU / 24 Go Ram / 750 Go Disk Space300
Master16 VCPU / 32 Go Ram / 1To Disk Space400
Master+20 VCPU / 40 Go Ram / 1,25To Disk Space500
Grand Master24 VCPU / 48 Go Ram / 1,5To Disk Space600

Our PaaS Solutions

Far from a mass service, SafeBrands cultivates an approach oriented advice. Our support team is at your disposal to answer any questions about your project and help you in before-sale in order to define with you the best choice for applications according your different projects Cloud: