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Advantages of our IaaS Offer – Medium

Cloud Computing IaaS

SafeBrands provides a high quality service with proactive and skilled teams, and support staff to provide you with the best advice for even the most specific configuration requests.

  • French Location

    Hosting for our dedicated Cloud Computing servers is 100% guaranteed to be based in France, and is not subject to the US Patriot Act.

  • Scalable

    Our resources are available 24/7, with management of the capacity required to support your projects.

  • Economical

    Pay according to your IT capacity usage. Pay only for what you use for better budget management.

  • No hardware

    With our IaaS package, gain an instant infrastructure and avoid purchasing unnecessary hardware and waiting for delivery. It takes just a few minutes to install and set up your IaaS so that it is ready to use.

  • Personalized Support

    Our technical team is here to help and to create a package which meets your requirements, letting you get the most of your transition to the Cloud.

  • Details MEDIUM Offer
  • 8 Server Instances
  • 16 VCPU
  • 32 Go Ram
  • 1000 Go Hard Drive
  • 8 Elastic IP

The provision of this formula is free. This remains free as long as no instance is started. Once the first instances are started your account is considered to be actually used and therefore chargeable according to the rates schedule below.

To open an account you just need to contact us as below:

Our Consumer Prices

By choosing our infrastructure to host your applications you will fully benefit from the advantages of cloud computing. Invoicing is completely flexible and based on resource usage. You only pay for what you use, and the computing power, memory and storage adapts to your needs. No more overprovisioning issues or allocating of costly and unused resources.

€ per hour excl. tax€ per day excl. tax€ per month excl. tax
2 VCPU / 4 Go Ram / 50 Go Hard Drive0,0683 € / hour1,64€/day50€/month
4 VCPU / 8 Go Ram / 100 Go Hard Drive0,136€ / hour3,28€/day100€/month
8 VCPU / 16 Go Ram / 500 Go Hard Drive0,273€ / hour6,56€/day200€/month
16 VCPU / 32 Go Ram / 1000 Go Hard Drive0,546€ / hour23,12€/day400€/month

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