SSL certificates


All of our SSL server certificates are issued by certification authorities that comply with the WebTrust standard, and use full three-factor validation. We work primarily with certification authorities such as Symantec, Thawte, Comodo, GeoTrust and Chambersign

What is an SSL certificate used for?

SSL certificates are use to encrypt data communications sent via the internet and to authenticate websites through which internet users communicate.

SSL certificate range

Standard, EV, UCC and Wildcard certificates use different methods to authenticate connections to your information system, and to secure transactions from or to your online services.

Three-factor validation minimum prerequisites

According to their validation type, SSL certificates fulfil their essential functions more or less effectively, i.e. encryption and authentication.

Criteria for selecting a suitable SSL certificate

The choice of SSL certificate depends on the services to be secured and authenticated.

We guarantee a personalized service with high added value

In keeping with our ethos as a high added value provider, our service covers all of the steps required to set up an SSL certificate.

Direct access to our pricing grids by authority and certification type

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