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We have always aimed for our development to go hand in hand with an active involvement in the wellbeing of the society in which we all live. Although our community-based and green actions are only a drop in the ocean, we are convinced that if all SMEs of our size were to make a small contribution, the world would be a better place.

Green Commitment N°. 1: Reducing Greenhouse Gases

SafeBrands has set up a partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation. The purpose of this partnership is to fully offset the CO2 emissions generated by running our hosting servers. To ensure the success of the project, the technical team has worked with GoodPlanet to produce a full assessment of the carbon emissions produced by our servers, which includes:

  • Energy use for our data centers,
  • Energy use for our cold site and client servers.

We hope that our involvement in this project will enable us to cancel out our ecological footprint, or at the very least contribute to the protection of our planet. It works on the basis that we pay Good Planet a fixed amount representing the carbon offset cost. This amount is approximately €7 per month for each server hosted by SafeBrands.

Green Commitment N°. 2: Recycling

All of our obsolete hardware and electronic waste is recovered and recycled as part of a pioneering process that combines integration into the workplace, assisting developing countries and recycling of materials.

Social Commitment: ‘Label Empl’itude’

label emplitude

‘Label Empl’itude’ is the first regional seal of approval for employment in France, and is awarded by a panel that represents the Pôle Emploi (job centre), UPE 13, PLIE, and the Communauté Urbaine Marseille Provence Métropole (Marseille-Provence Metropolis Urban Community). It recognizes companies’ good practice and progress towards employment and integration into the workplace. It currently awards this accolade to companies of all sizes and in all sectors within the Marseille urban area.

Empl’itude promotes the contribution of entrepreneurs and networks of companies to supporting the integration process for people alienated from the workplace. With Empl’itude, companies can show that they are committed to boosting employment.

SafeBrands was awarded the Label Empl’itude in November 2010 for a two-year period, recognizing its commitment to:

  • Access to work for people alienated from the labour market,
  • Support and monitoring of employees within the company (training etc.).

Ethical Commitment N°. 1: United Nations Global Compact Charter

United Nations Global Compact Charter logo

By signing the Global Compact, SafeBrands has joined a community of some 3300 companies of all nationalities in seeking solutions for a more humane and better accepted form of globalization.

The Compact was developed by the United Nations and comprises ten universal principles. These principles campaign for a better respect of human rights, employment law, the environment and the fight against corruption in business practice.

Inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the  ILO Convention and the Rio Declaration made during the first Earth Summit, the Global Compact has a dual objective:

  • To contribute to sustainable development by creating a network of partnerships and promoting good practice in the field,
  • To promote globalization which benefits all based on the market economy.

French companies are the most involved in this process: by the end of the year 450 French companies should have ratified the Compact. Since 30 August 2006, SafeBrands has joined the ranks of the companies committed to a fairer and more respectful globalization.

To find out more, all of the Global Compact rules can be found here:

Moral Commitment: The Diversity Charter

Logo de la Charte de la Diversité

Since its launch in October 2004, the Charte de la Diversité or Diversity Charter has encouraged companies to ensure that diversity is promoted and respected amongst their staff.

The aim of the Diversity Charter adopted by our company is to confirm our commitment, in a French context, to cultural, ethnic and social diversity within our organisation.

By signing it, SafeBrands agrees to fight all forms of discrimination and to implement an approach that supports diversity and pluralism, particularly in the areas of recruitment and career management. Such an approach is instrumental in the company’s progress and contributes to our efficiency and the quality of our social relations.

Community Commitment: Clowns at the Hospital

Engagement Safebrands association Tournesol

From the end of 2010, we decided to dedicate our ‘end of year greetings’ budget to a cause that is close to our hearts. The funds that are usually used to give chocolates and send greetings cards have been donated to the Association Tournesol, Artistes à l’hôpital (artists at the hospital), which since 1990 has brought arts and culture to around 40 short and medium-stay hospitals (medicine, cancer centres, rehabilitation), to services for elderly people, psychiatric services and also desocialized persons (Samu social, CASH de Nanterre). Our clients have been informed of the project and it is well-supported.

The Association’s website can be found at

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