We’ve changed names : we need a brand

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A worldwide group, leader in their field.

Note :

This case study on a name change could easily be adapted and used for the launch of a new brand.

We’ve changed names : we need a brand

We are a worldwide Group. Following a merger with another leader in our field, the name of the new common entity will generate change, in every country. How can I anticipate my protection against cybersquatting ?


Three names have been shortlisted with the help of the marketing agency which assists us in this major project.

We have confirmed no prior rights existed on the selection with regards to trademarks, we now need to make sure the corresponding domains are available or, if they are not, recover them at the best financial conditions.


The challenge is to keep the confidentiality of the project and the shortlisted names secret, to prevent third parties from registering them before we do and trying to resell them to us later.

Once the final name will be chosen, we will have to secure the domains in the extensions we have selected as part of our naming strategy.

We will also have to buy the domains that third parties may have registered beforehand, all without attracting attention to our global project to avoid the risk of third parties jacking up the price.


SafeBrands’ team worked in two stages. First, they performed audits on the availability of the domain names, and of the corresponding handles on social networks, based on the strings that we had shortlisted. Results of these audits were taken into account to determine our final choice.

Once the decision was made, SafeBrands registered the names and handles, either anonymously or using assumed names. For domains that were already taken, SafeBrands offered a specific recovery strategy for each case (third party with a prior right, cybersquatted name,…).


Everything went perfectly, we registered the domain names that were available without attracting attention, and recovered the others under very favorable conditions. Embracing our new identity went well and did not trigger any case of cybersquatting.

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