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An International Company.

My company has registered many domains over the years and I’d like to clean house and save money. What can I do ?

Over the years, to deter cybersquatters, we have registered hundreds of variations of our trademarks and product names in various extensions. Nowadays the costs of maintaining our portfolio are quite high but we don’t want to take any risk!


Over time we have registered dozens of names, just to avoid squatters snapping them before us. With new extensions, the issue has mushroomed and our budget is limited.


Our brand is frequently targeted by cyber squatters and typosquatters. We must protect ourselves and be as proactive as possible, but we do not want to spend a fortune each year to renew useless names.

Nous devons nous protéger et être proactifs autant que possible, mais sans dépenser une fortune pour chaque année renouveler des noms devenus inutiles.


SafeBrands’ legal team offered to start with an audit of our portfolio.

This first step allowed us to identify domains that were no longer useful and did not need to be renewed. It also gave us an overview of our providers and helped us realize that their fees were higher and their local presence options costly.


By deleting names while consolidating others at SafeBrands, we realize substantial savings. Moreover, SafeBrands’ diagnostic tool warns us about potential threats to our brands and allow us to act swiftly without having to preemptively register hundreds of variation of our brand.

The expertise of SafeBrands’ legal team allowed us to deal with the few outstanding cases through cease & desist mandates and UDRP procedures. As a result, we are more efficient, and save money by deleting harmless names.

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