We must optimize the monitoring of our brands

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A leading luxury brand whose products are subject to many counterfeiting cases which are more and more made available and bought online.

When many results is too many : we must optimize the monitoring of our brands…

Our brands are famous which make them targets: counterfeiting, cybersquatting and even disparaging on social networks. We need to be informed in real time to react as quickly as possible.


We have set up monitoring solutions to be informed each week of new domain names registered worldwide that include our brands.

Monitoring is essential to our brand protection strategy because it allows us to react in real time against each threat we are routinely facing (phishing, cybersquatting, counterfeiting,…).


Because of the sheer number and notoriety of our brands, our monitoring systems generate dozens of results each week.

We spend significant time every Monday analyzing them and determining which are actually relevant and which are potential threats.

Qualifying and analyzing those results in a lengthy and time consuming process, and we would like to free that time to work on other matters.


We have chosen to use SafeBrands’ solution to analyze results.

Their team of legal professionals assesses the data and sends me every week a curated list of domains that represent actual issues, each including the type of threat at hand, its level of potential harm and a suggestion of remedy.


Benefits are immediate: we save a number of hours each week and were able to recover several domains of vital importance to our group.

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