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A French company exporting abroad.

présence locale nom de domaine pour développer activité sur Internet

I want to register a ccTLD domain name but we are not present locally?

To sell our services abroad we need to register local domains but we do not want to open international subsidiaries


We use generic domains to promote our goods and services, but we know certain markets are more likely to buy when presented with local content.

We had to develop specific versions of our site but the local domain names (ccTLDs) we would need to use cannot be registered by foreign entities.


ccTLDs abide by different rules than gTLDs, but they also have different rules amongst themselves, with the requirements varying from one country to another. Yet, we still need a unified approach to register those names.


We decided to rely on SafeBrands’ expertise. Their in-house legal experts know and master all the various local rules of ccTLDs Registries.

Moreover, because they provide local presence services in most countries, they were able to register the names we needed in all extensions.


Our names are registered in China, Germany and the Netherlands, as easily as if they were generics because SafeBrands handled everything.

Since local presence is managed directly by their in-house lawyers, we know that they will stay on top of any modification or requirement attached to the names, of which we will be informed in time to act accordingly.

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