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A computer company.

Who’s using my brand on the Internet?

Our brand was built around a dictionary word and we do not want to fight each and every use of it or register hundreds of domains, but we still need to be watchful!


We use our brand in our shops and online, and cybercriminals try to benefit from our reputation to divert our customers’ traffic to their sites or competitors’.


Our brand is also used by a company that operates in a completely different space than ours and with which we have a coexistence agreement.

We want to protect our brand but we must be able to differentiate between names registered by this company and real cybersquatting cases!


SafeBrands’ legal team introduced us to their diagnostic tool which allows us to monitor registrations that includes the string forming our brand in real time. We are informed of any and all registration and deletion of names identical or similar to our brand, including names containing accented characters or coming from non-latin alphabets (IDNs).

The flexibility of their interface allows us to very easily isolate names registered by the company we coexist with, and only be warned about registrations from unknown third parties.


The Diagnostic Tool reassures us on potential attempts against our brand and allows us to act only when necessary.

Because SafeBrands’ legal team is also empowered to send swift cease & desist letters, we fight criminals efficiently while maintaining a peaceful coexistence with the homonymous company.

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