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An ad agency which registers names for itself and its clients

gestion de plusieurs portefeuilles de noms de domaine

I want to save money by consolidating my portfolio currently spread around various Registrars.

« We register domain names regularly on behalf of our clients »


We must register names regularly, as part of the ad campaigns we develop for our clients, but also for our own internal needs. They are registered by different teams as part of their specific needs at the time.


For historical reasons, some team members are used to work with specific domain name Registrars.

As a result, our portfolios are fragmented, which makes following the expiration and renewal dates difficult.

Costs are probably unnecessarily high since each provider has their own specific fees.

Nevertheless, we must retain some flexibility because our creation process should not be impaired by a constrained process.


SafeBrands’ advisory team have listened to our needs and considered our way of working to build with us the right naming guidelines.

Our teams have now integrated these guidelines in their respective routines and they know what our common best practices are when it comes to registering domain names. Moreover, the flexibility of SafeBrands’ extranet allows us to consolidate our portfolio in one location while allowing each department to register names independently on its own. This, along with adequate pricing, has been a strong argument when we decided to consolidate all our names with SafeBrands, who took care of the trandsfer from a dozen of other Registrars.


Since SafeBrands is accredited in all extensions even the most exotic ones, we were able to transfer all our domains very easily. We now keep our costs in check without losing any of the flexibility we need thanks to their extranet. We were able to create dedicated accounts for all our clients and can fine tune the rights of each our employees depending on the project.

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