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New TLDs

Protect your brands from cybersquatting for all adult domain name extensions for ten years with AdultBlock, the new blocking system for .XXX, .SEX, .ADULT and .PORN.

Before AdultBlock….

The following summary of the different phases of adult extension launches dating back to 2011, along with their registration conditions, highlights the value of the new AdultBlock system.


From 2011 to 1st December 2021 : SUNRISE B

Reminder of the protection you have from the .XXX extension :

  • Defensive registration was reserved for rights holders outside the “adult” industry community.
  • It was during this period that most corporations protected their trademarks, blocking their .XXX registrations.
  • A registration made under Sunrise B is not active; the domain name is simply blocked.

Reminder of the priority periods at the launch of .ADULT .SEX et .PORN :

  • 1st priority level – from March, 2nd to April, 1st 2015 : Sunrise TMCH

    Priority registrations for trademark holders, with TMCH required.

  • 2nd priority level – from April, 6th to 30th 2015 : .XXX under Sunrise B

    Priority registrations for domain names .XXX under Sunrise B holders.

  • 3rd priority level – from May, 6th to 31st 2015 : Other .XXX holders

    Priority registrations for domain names .XXX holders.

  • June, 4th 2015 : General avaibility

These new products are intended to allow a single block of the four adult content extensions managed by MMX’s ICM Registry. AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ share some features, but AdultBlock+ is much more comprehensive.

  • While AdultBlock allows you to block exactly your trademark, without any variant protection, AdultBlock+ blocks all the variants granted by ICM under Sunrise B and/or those granted by the TMCH.

  • AdultBlock+ includes equivalent IDN characters.

  • The AdultBlock+ service currently includes over 20 scripts: English, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

  • AdultBlock+ also protects the brand’s homoglyphic variants. AdultBlock+’s homoglyphic coverage is provided via the registry connection to Uniregistry EPS+, which includes this same functionality (previously offered by Donuts as part of its DPML). Many brand owners will appreciate this feature along with the functionalities and benefits of an experienced, reliable blocking provider.

That’s why the AdultBlock solution seems of limited interest given the important additional protection provided by AdultBlock+.

Comparative between AdultBlock & AdultBlock+

comparative adultblock services for protection domain names

What should trademark holders do ?

  • Some blocking products may be more attractive than others, depending on the brand’s strategy. However, this particular blocking product is undeniably appealing, if only in terms of cost for all Sunrise B owners, as well as for any brand wishing to limit the risk of infringement. Potential damage to your image from “adult” domain name extensions is greater than for other extensions.
  • Trademark holders should now catalog their Sunrise B blocks and TMCH registrations in order to identify the brands that will benefit from AdultBlock+, to replace current defensive registrations at a lower cost, or to protect their new trademarks.
  • They must also evaluate the budgets needed by year end to carry out the required blocking by taking advantage of the AdultBlock+ offer.

FAQ AdultBlock

The service covers all four ICM Registry TLDs – .XXX, .SEX, .ADULT and .PORN.

Trademark holders with a Signed Mark Data (SMD) file from the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) and .XXX Sunrise B holders are eligible to block their labels.

Yes, both AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ will block all available domains irrespective of price point and automatically block any additional dropped names while the block service is in place – no further actions are required by the trademark holder.

Ask us. We can take a SMD file or a plain text trademark and have access to a system which will provide a list of domains blocked along with any exceptions (domain names currently registered and which cannot be blocked but will be automatically added if they become available while the block service is active). We can provide you with this list.

No, domains that are currently registered cannot be blocked. Once a name is deleted or expires, the blocking service will automatically add the domain name to the list of blocked names during the service period without any further actions.

Once the redemption period has ended and the domain name becomes available, both the AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ service will add the newly available domain name to the block for the remainder of the service period. Registered names cannot be blocked until they become available.

Once a domain name is blocked by the AdultBlock or AdultBlock+ service no other users can register the domain name during the service period.

The variants generation software utilizes Unicode Consortium standards. This means that the AdultBlock+ service not only blocks characters available today but also includes any language character sets that become available in the future for the specific TLD. Currently, the AdultBlock+ service covers over 20 languages and scripts including Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian.

Yes, the AdultBlock+ service will block confusingly similar characters, such as replacing an “L” with a “1” and an “E” with a “3”. The AdultBlock+ service is the most complete coverage available.

The number of variants can be large depending on the trademark. For example, ʻbankʼ would generate thousands of variants. For this reason, we typically provide just a sample of the variations covered by the AdultBlock+ service.

The service allows 1, 3, 5 and 10 year registration periods with a maximum registration period of 10-years for both the AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ service.

Renewals mirror the registration periods with 1, 3, 5 and 10-year renewal options with a maximum registration period of 10-years.

Yes, there are significant cost savings being offered during a time-limited, special launch promotion that allows trademark owners to purchase a 10-year AdultBlock+ with variant protection in over 20 different languages and scripts. Promotional prices for the AdultBlock+ service is equivalent to the basic AdultBlock service on an annual basis for the same 10-year time-frame – the promotion offers real value and savings to trademark owners.

The AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ service may check the validity of the SMD file at any time throughout the service period. SafeBrand will make sure with you that it is valid.

No, the AdultBlock+ service will block all non-registered variants in the SMD file.

The WHOIS data will state that the blocked domains are protected by the AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ service, with no other information.

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